Welcome to STRIDER Events!

Whether this is your first time to our site or if you are a seasoned STRIDER Racer parent, you’ve come to the right place. STRIDER events are taking the world by storm! Here’s a bit of information about our various event categories. There’s something here for every STRIDER rider!

Strider® Adventure Zone

 STRIDER Adventure Zones are safe and friendly environments that encourage kids of all abilities from 18 months to 5 years old to explore mobility on two wheels and experience the challenge and thrill of riding on unique terrain and obstacles. 

STRIDER Adventure Zones give kids a chance to test ride a Strider and play with other kids in a cordoned off area, while improving and developing.  Improve bike handling skills and further develop balance, control, motor skills and confidence. STRIDER Adventure Zones are free events that allow children open riding time, time to socialize, to play, practice tricks and generally just have a good time. Demo bikes and helmets available at most events!

 Strider Racing®

STRIDER Regional Races are race and play experiences created at the grassroots level and are designed to let toddlers and young kids age 18 months to 5 years old explore the world on two wheels and participate in some friendly competitive riding.

Strider® World Championship

The STRIDER World Championship is an annual racing event that brings together STRIDER riders and their families from all over the globe for the pinnacle STRIDER racing event. Whether your toddler is an experienced STRIDER World Cup racer or just starting out, the STRIDER World Championship weekend is an international celebration that includes a variety of family orientated events and outings, all at a beautiful vacation friendly locale.

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Photos of participating riders at STRIDER events can be found on our company Flickr page.

Videos from select events can be found on our company YouTube page.


If you are interested in hosting your own STRIDER Adventure Zone, go to http://www.striderbikes.com/event-planning.